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Apparitions 53 to 71

The messages from Jesus and Mary in this booklet are an original transcription from Miss Jeanne-louise Ramonet's handwritten notebooks. The notes and explanations of these messages are the result of extensive conversations with Jeanne-louise , as well as a study of archives and other documents.
The apparitions lasted 27 years, from the 15th September 1938 to the 1st October 1965.
There were 71 apparitions :
-15 apparitions of Jesus and Mary together
-11 apparitions of Christ alone
-1 apparition of the Holy Family
-43 apparitions of the Blessed Virgin alone (3 of these also contained a sketch picture)
-1 sketch picture alone.
The majority of these apparitions were accompanied by messages. There were sixty-five messages, all published here.
It was on the Feast of the Seven Dolours, the 15th September 1938, that the Blessed Virgin appeared for the first time at Kerizinen.
Later Christ introduces Her as His Divine Complement, the Co-Redemptrix of sinful Humanity, and this leads to the essential and specific character of the messages given at Kerizinen, which is the devotion to the two Hearts of Jesus and Mary , united in the Holy Spirit.
This revelation of the Two Hearts united in the Holy Spirit is also an admirable synthesis of many of the Heavenly interventions through other mystics in recent centuries.
On the prophetic plane the Blessed Virgin warns us about the grave dangers which threaten the Church, the World and France.
But at the same time She reassures us and promises us the proximate triumph of the Church, a "True Peace" in the world and the miraculous reconversion of France, the eldest daughter of the Church.
To realise this mission of love, Christ and the Blessed Virgin request that the World be aonsecrated again, but in a single consecration to their two Hearts united in the Holy Spirit.
The messages of Kerizinen are also a call to all souls of goodwill : Indeed Jesus and Mary insist very specially on the necessity to receive the sacrements of Penance and the Eucharist, to recite and meditate on the Rosary and to practice a genuinely Christian life.
This is a steadfast call to prayer, penance and urgent conversion.